How do you get the $2,000 pension?

  • October 21, 2021

By now you probably know that the government has announced a $2.1bn “civil war pension” for veterans who served during the conflict in the country. 

The government says it will provide the $1,800 to any veteran who lost his or her job or home during the war and who is deemed a civilian during the peace process.

The $2bn fund will cover the “lost and injured” pension costs of military veterans, as well as their widows and their children. 

There will be a separate fund to help families of former soldiers, as the government does not want to see families suffer as a result of the war.

The government has been working to build up the $4.5bn fund, which it hopes will cover pensions for all veterans. 

“Our veterans deserve a fair deal and we are committed to working with them to ensure they receive it,” Defence Minister Geoff Regan said.

“We are committed not to undermine our veterans’ ability to receive the pension they have earned.”

Veterans will be able to apply for the pension through the National Veterans Service and Veterans Employment and Support scheme, as a new scheme launched on Monday. 

This scheme will be set up to provide benefits to military veterans and their families. 

Under the scheme, all veterans will receive a $500 cash payment each fortnight in a lump sum. 

The scheme is aimed at reducing the amount of time that veterans need to wait for benefits. 

Veterans are also eligible for $250 in lump sum payments if they are unable to find a job or can no longer find work. 

If a veteran cannot find a full-time job, they are eligible for a partial payment of $100 each fortnight. 

While it will not be possible to give a pension to all military veterans at once, it is hoped that this will encourage them to find work, rather than simply wait for the government to hand them a payout. 

A total of $1.2bn will be paid out over the next four years, with the government guaranteeing $400m to all veterans by the end of 2021. 

To qualify, veterans must be eligible for military pay, be aged between 16 and 65 and have been injured while serving in the armed forces. 

It is expected that a substantial number of people in the military will apply to receive a lump-sum payment. 

Pensioners will also be eligible to apply to get a partial lump sum payment, with those who do not meet the eligibility criteria being paid in monthly payments over a six-month period. 

Some pensioners have been working in jobs for the past two years, and some of those have found new work, but many have not. 

In its first year, the scheme was set up as a pilot scheme to see how it would work, and how many veterans would qualify. 

But the scheme has had some controversy. 

An inquiry into the scheme into the impact of the government’s decision to abolish pensions in the US found that the money was being used to pay the salaries of those who had retired before the government introduced the scheme. 

One veteran who was employed by a local service station said he did not receive a penny of his $2m lump sum, and that his only chance to get his pension was to take on a job in the service station. 

Other veterans were told they would have to leave their jobs and join a new job before they could claim the lump sum because of the way it was being distributed. 

According to the inquiry, one veteran was given an allowance of $600 for each week he was out of work, while another received $600 per week for every job he had been out of. 

As well as the money being paid to the veteran, the government is also funding the payment of the pension to the widows of deceased veterans.

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