Air Force pensions to rise, but pension for retirees may still be lower than expected

  • October 19, 2021

The Air Force Pension Fund is expected to increase its investment in a private equity fund to $2.4 billion by 2019, according to an investor presentation released Thursday.

The retirement plan was created to help pay the retirement obligations of service members and retirees, and will provide funds to private equity firms and other investors, according the Securities and Exchange Commission.

It is a significant investment for a fund that was already the largest provider of pensions in the Air Force.

The fund is expected be the largest employer of retirees and retirees’ spouses, according a Department of Defense report.

The investment will be a continuation of the investment in the fund, which was founded in 2002 to pay for the pensions of active duty service members.

But the fund is also expected to provide funds for pension payments for retirees, which is why the retirement fund is now expected to raise the fund’s investment in private equity funds to $3.4 million.

The retirement fund also plans to use its investments to pay retirees’ medical expenses and other related costs, which will be included in the investment.

The fund was created as a way to protect service members who would be forced to retire due to the government shutdown.

But in the years since the fund was formed, it has seen a decrease in contributions and investment.

That’s because the fund will be forced out of business.

The new investment in The Air, a private company that provides funds for private equity and investment companies, is expected in 2019, as is the fund for retired service members, according an SEC filing.

That investment represents an average of 8.3% of the fund in 2019.

The SEC filing does not specify the size of the investments.

In a statement, the Air force said the investments in the private equity investments are expected to yield $1.9 billion in total returns over 20 years.

The air force said it will not disclose the value of the private investments in The Groundwork, a fund in which The Groundworks also owns a majority stake.

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