Why pension funders are freaking out about the pension crisis

  • August 16, 2021

A couple of months ago, we broke the story that New York’s pension fund was about to go belly up.

And with it, the biggest story in finance in the country.

For a couple of years, the city has been mired in a pension crisis.

The city has paid out billions of dollars in public money, mostly through contributions from state and local governments.

And now that it’s running out of money, New York City has been forced to cut its public pensions, and that’s just one of the many things it’s had to do.

We spoke with several of the city’s pension officials to get their take on what’s happening to their funds, what’s going on with New York state’s pension, and what’s the next big pension crisis the city is facing.


What are pension funds really worth?

Pension funds are a good indicator of how much money the public owes its creditors.

They’re a good gauge of how long people will be around in retirement.

And, in a market economy, they also provide a way for investors to see what companies are worth.

But for people who work in the financial industry, the real value of their investments are usually measured by their assets.

For example, a stock portfolio can give a fairly accurate idea of the value of a company, and the value can be correlated with the price of that stock.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that the same stock will be a good investment.

In other words, a good portfolio of stocks could be a bad one, especially if you own stocks that have a big correlation to the price at which they were purchased.

That’s what makes a good pension fund, says Charles B. Smith, the former chief investment officer of the New York State Teachers Retirement System.

“The pension fund has a long-term objective,” he says.

“It’s to ensure that people are still around to contribute to the system and that they’re able to retire with the same income they had before.”

That means the pension fund is not only about keeping people employed in retirement, it’s also about providing a way to invest their retirement income into companies that will keep them in the system.

A typical pension fund invests in companies that are profitable in the future, or that will have a high return over the long term.

For instance, a pension fund might invest in companies with high earnings growth rates.

For the last five years, New Jersey’s state pension fund have invested in several high-growth companies, including Walmart, the Gap, and Target.

This year, the pension plans investment in Walmart will increase to $1.6 billion, while the investment in Target will increase by $1 billion.

A pension fund’s investment in a company is a way of gauging the market value of the company, says Smith.

That information can also help investors understand how much of the stockholder’s retirement income they should be able to earn in the long run.

“If you’re looking at the portfolio, it could be very difficult to tell how much you’ll make, because you may have made more than the value you expected,” says Smith, referring to the investment return that’s typically tied to stock price.

And if you’re a pension plan manager, that information can be a tough sell.

The public pension systems is a lot like the stock market, Smith says.

It has a number of different tiers, but ultimately the value that the company produces is tied to the number of people who are working in the company.

“And if there’s less than a million people in that company, that’s really not enough people to make a real profit, so you don’t want to invest that much,” he adds.

That means that for the public pension funds, there’s a lot of pressure to invest in a stock market-like performance, even if it means investing in stocks that are going to lose money in the short term.

If that’s the case, the public pensions will likely try to maintain a high percentage of the fund’s investments in companies like Walmart and Target, which are expected to grow the most in the coming years.


How is New York dealing with the pension crunch?

New York is a small state.

It only has about 5 million residents, and most of them live in the suburbs.

And in that context, it can be difficult to invest money in companies where it might make sense to do so.

“New York’s investments are designed to be safe,” says Adam Zwieg, the president of Zwig Advisors.

“You can invest money here in a safe environment and expect it to grow, so there’s no need to make that riskier.

But if you invest in something that’s going to suffer, like a company that’s been going through a downturn, it might not be worth it.”

The state has invested in companies in industries like health care and education.

And the state has also invested in industries in

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