How much did you pay in pension benefits?

  • July 29, 2021

Jerusalem Post – The Israeli police pension account has been hit by a massive leak of documents detailing salaries, pensions and benefits, as the government faces a budget crisis.

The documents, obtained by The Jerusalem Report, were posted on a website operated by the government on Thursday and include detailed information on salaries, pension benefits and the status of pension funds, as well as detailed salary figures for police officers and members of the military.

The Jerusalem Post said the leak was uncovered when it was discovered that the government had failed to file taxes on the salaries of police officers for the period in question, meaning the funds had not been paid.

The report said that a portion of the funds held by the police fund were set aside for police pensioners in the form of an incentive scheme, whereby some funds were given to police retirees as incentives for them to stay on the force.

In the years that followed, the amount of money raised for the police pension funds was reduced, the report said.

The amount of the pension fund was reduced by more than half from around $7.4 billion to around $3.6 billion, and some of the fund’s investments in businesses were also reduced.

The police pension has been a source of contention since it was established in 2013, when the Israeli government began to privatize the security forces.

It was set up in response to a request from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to provide more security services.

The public sector has long complained about the lack of security in the country, with many citizens saying they are unable to travel and do business with the police, due to concerns about security and crime.

In February, a report by the watchdog group Peace Now stated that the police pensions fund, which includes all civilian security personnel and civilian police, was underfunded by more $3 billion, with the amount currently estimated at just over $1.5 billion.

The government has not responded to a number of requests for comment from The Jerusalem News.

In a statement, the Israeli Civil Administration said it had taken steps to correct the problems.

“It has taken measures to correct errors in the data,” the statement said.

“We are confident that the data are correct, and that the funds are being properly funded.”

The report by Peace Now said the total amount of funds that had been appropriated for the fund had been reduced to $3,926.5 million.

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